Us President Donald Trump Has Been Impeached

Donald Trump becomes third US president in history to be impeached.

According to the Telegraph, Donald Trump has been impeached by the US House of Representatives, becoming only the third president to suffer the ignominy in American history.

Two articles of impeachment were voted on, splitting almost perfectly along party lines and underscoring the partisan nature of the drive.

The first article, which charged Mr Trump of abuse of power passed with 230 votes to 197. A second article on obstruction of justice is currently being voted on.

Mr Trump was not in Washington for the vote, It handed Mr Trump one of his darkest days in office, with one of the two bodies that make up the US Congress now formally agreeing he should be kicked from the White House.

The final decision will lie with the other, the US Senate, which is set to hold a trial in January about whether he should be convicted and removed from office.

Given the Republicans hold the majority there, that looks unlikely.

Credit: Telegraph

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