Is Masturbation Good To Your Health?

Masturbation is a healthy sexual activity. It has many benefits for your physical and mental health.
There are limited studies on the benefits of masturbation, but there are studies on sexual intercourse and stimulation.

Research and anecdotal reports suggest that sexual stimulation, including stimulation through masturbation, may help you:

  • relieve built-up stress
  • sleep better
  • boost your mood
  • relax
  • feel pleasure
  • relieve cramps
  • release sexual tension
  • have better sex
  • better understand your wants and needs

Couples may also mutually masturbate to explore different desires, as well as avoid pregnancy. Self-pleasuring also helps you prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIsAdvantages of masturbation:

  • It increases blood flow in the body and releases endorphin, a pleasure enhancing brain chemical.
  • It releases emotional stress,depression and anxiety.
  • It makes you comfortable and confident with your body.
  • It lets you explore your desires and makes you sexually satisfied even without a partner.
  • It lets you experiment with yourself,understand your body and know what works for you, in order to attain orgasm.
  • It can help you get a sound sleep and prevent from insomnia.
  • It can strengthen your relationship with your partner as you understand your body well and help your partner as well.
  • It reduces the risk of STD’s.
  • If done in limit, it works as a stress buster and causes great relief.
  • It also reduce the risk of having prostate cancer in men.

With its advantages, masturbation has its own disadvantages too. Some Male and female do it daily in order to attain orgasm when dissatisfied from their partners. The thought of masturbation keeps their mind preoccupied making then inactive in their social life. Masturbation is addictive in nature and can make a person waste ample of their times doing it thus depriving them from becoming productive in life .

Disadvantages Of Masturbation

Anything in excess is not good for health and causes adverse effects in the body, Compulsive masturbation can be very addictive and can get uncontrollable at times.

  • If u get addicted to it, it can lead to frustrations if you are deprived of doing it every time you feel like.
  • It can cause lack of concentration and social life.
  • In can injure the genitals if done vigorously.
  • It can cause early ejaculation in men.
  • It may affect a good sexual relationship with your partner.

Now a days, with more availabilty of sex toys like vibrators, dildos etc, masturbation is becoming popular in female too. They no more depend on their partners for sexual satisfaction. With more sources and exposure about sexual lives, female don’t compromise with their sexual lives. But as mentioned, everything comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, too much masturbation has affected female too making them more involved in self pleasuring and less in people around them.

Adapted: Healthline benefits of Masturbation

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