Weird Hangover Cures From Around The World

The party season is going strong and many of us are not feeling quite as fresh as we did at the start of the month.

Between work parties, 12 pubs and catching up with friends over a few pints, it can be all too easy to overindulge and be left feeling the worse for wear.

While hangovers are universal how we handle them isn’t and ebookers have compiled a list of 100 Hangover Cures From Around The World.

Vodka socks, sparrow droppings, raw eels and even voodoo… here are some of the more hairs raising cures from around the world.

1) Haiti – Voodoo

When we’re suffering after a heavy night it can be tempting to blame everyone else for how we’re feeling.

Haitians take this to the extreme by punishing the bottle of booze that did the damage.

They do so by sticking 13 black pins into the cork and sealing it, believing it’ll free them from pain.

2) Estonia – Vodka socks

If you’re feeling unwell after too many shots there’s a bizarre Estonian tradition that believes the cure could be in your socks.

The technique is to soak your socks in vodka and hot water. Then put them on, settle back with a cup of tea and sweat out the booze.

3) USA – Swilling sweat after a run

While crawling under the duvet is preferable for many of us, others swear by going for a jog.

Native Americans take things a step further though – they think you need to taste the sweat.

So after you’ve dragged yourself out for a run take a swill of your sweat, spit it out and your hangover could be gone.

4) Vietnam – Tape On Forehead

We’ve all been at the point where you would desperately do anything to relieve a thumping headache.

The Vietnamese believe if you place tape on your forehead over the acupuncture points this could help the pain.

5) Hungary – Sparrow droppings in brandy

After drinking many of us swear never to touch a drop of alcohol again but this old Hungarian cure is an extreme hair of the dog.

Some say if you get a sparrow to do their business in a brandy glass, swirl it around and knock it back you’ll be right as rain.

Probably one to avoid though – not only does it sound grim but we’re not sure how hygienic it would be.

6) South Africa – sheep’s brain

Again not one for the faint-hearted, but apparently sheep brain could help when your own feels scrambled. In South Africa a traditional hangover cure is to melt a sheep’s stomach walls in a pot with wit bits moonshine, Umqombothi beer or any of the country’s famed wines.

7) Italy – Deep fried canary

Ancient Romans might have been ahead of their time when it came to munching on deep fried goodies as a hangover cure.

They used to believe eating a deep fried canary would help ease your stomach.

8) Italy – Dried bull penis

Italians are the brains behind another quirky hangover cure.

An old Sicilian belief is that nibbling a bull’s private parts can help the morning after the night before – but their golden rule was it had to be cut and dried first.

9) USA – Hangover Heaven

Have you ever been suffering deeply after a heavy night’s partying and just wished there could be a quick fix?

Our prayers seemed to have been answered with the IV drip craze, which was born in Las Vegas clinic Hangover Heaven.

Clients are hooked up and left to relax as they are tube-fed a cocktail including vitamins, antioxidants, hangover and nausea medicine.

The treatment has caused some controversy but A-list fans can’t get enough.

10) Medieval England – Raw eels & almonds

Warning! Do not try this cure as it could be your last Christmas.

The Medieval idea was to encourage sore-headed drinkers to munch bitter almonds and raw eels.

Not surprisingly its popularity has worn off over the years.

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