5 Important Things The Devil Don’t Want Christians To Know- Please read carefully especially No. 3

Devil have deceived and hidden enough from us for thousands of years and these are so important, Thank God for revealing to us through his servants from around the world read carefully and understand,


1. Devil Don’t Want You To Know About The Power In You

In the Bible, Luke 10:19 specifically, “God says he have given us the power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and he said in psalm 91 thousands may fall at our sides but will not harm us. This is God telling us in the Bible the power he bestowed upon we humans. Bit unfortunately the devil don’t want us to know that and have made us fear and even afraid of him !! Yeah he is so wise and deceived most humans.


2. The Devil Don’t Want You To Know Christmas Is Nonsense

When I hear the devil is wise and I see people say it even pastors i smile because I can see how he displayed his great wisdom by deceiving billions of people in celebrating a strange thing not Jesus. Jesus birth is not mentioned in the Bible and during his birth as written in the Bible no snow or cold weather that period, so Christmas is not the celebration of Jesus Christ but of a strange Greek God and December 5th is neither mentioned in the Bible.


3. Christianity Might Not Be The Real Religion

Yes the Devil made it again in deceiving us again,, Christianity is not the true religion, they celebrate what are not written in the Bible (Christmas, Easter) and they claim they use and do what the Bible says but they are wrong instead they form their own dates and throw away biblical dates like : Sabbath day (Saturday not Sunday), Passover Feast, New moon, all this are in the Bible but he so called Christians abandoned it and followed the devil advice. SEE the real religion to say the truth is: Jew, the Jewish religion by isreal, the Hebrew is the heavenly language used by the Jews, ok for example halleluyah is a Jewish language meaning “praise God” but we don’t even follow the heavenly traits but follow the worldly one.

Remember Jesus said to the Samaritan woman in John 4:22 that” You Samaritans(Christians) do not really know whom you worship; but we Jews know whom we worship, because it’s from the Jews salvation comes (Good News Bible).

So know where you stand buy most important the first religion start from your heart , love God, love your neighbor and worship and observe God true days of worship.


4. That heaven and hell is real

Many have start loosing faith in believing heaven or hell exist, Heaven and he exist but the devil is trying is best in is ways to erase this in our minds , First it’s rarely thought in churches nowadays instead they teach on prosperity which they are not even getting because they are not following the right steps God wants.


5. Devil Don’t Want Christians To Know The Right Way To Pray

Do you know why you don’t get answers to prayer quickly from God,, Yes!!! because the devil deceived you again in not praying the right way.

This is the right way to pray and get answers or reply immediately highest 3 days:

1. Stay away from sin (it’s hard but try your best to so God can know you are trying)

2. Before you pray be in a remorse spirit and concentrated, stop anything that can cause distraction.

3. Thanks God first, as for forgiveness of sin, make a serious vow or promise to do if he answers the request you are about to ask.

4. Wait awhile to listen after some minutes tell God to reveal to you his answers as you sleep or any time he wants.

5. Conclude your prayer.

6.shout halleluyah for your prayers are answered

3 thoughts

      1. hey bro,may God bless you much,its better to tell the bitter truth than the sweet lies,big up for this,its very encouraging,are you a SDA?


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