Reasons why men cheat

Men and women cheat for all sorts of reasons. Women often stray because they want an emotional connection or money or both. But experts believe that men tend to cheat for the following reasons

• Feelings of insecurity, unworthiness and being unloved

• An opportunity presents itself and they grab the chance to try something new

• Lack of satisfaction in their sexual relationships with their spouses, especially when the woman repeatedly denies them sex

• Seeking attention and physical contact

• Probably feels jealous that the wife has been paying too much attention to the baby and little attention to him

• There is a communication gap in their relationship

• An attachment disorder or a sex addiction problem

• The man might be battling with childhood baggage abandonment, abuse, or was raised in a dysfunctional family

• Monogamy sounds like a joke to him

• He has been socially conditioned to believe that infidelity is a man’s right

• They think they can get away with it

According to a recent study, men who feel less committed to their relationships are more likely to cheat on their partners. Unlike women, many men are perfectly capable of emotional dissociation. Such men can feel attached to one woman (usually the wife), lust after another woman, and be romantically involved with another.

Experts are still trying to find out how the human brain evolved to juggle different relationships at the same time. But one thing is certain: infidelity has many disadvantages.

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