As funny as this may sound most of us don’t know the proper way of washing our hands.

It is important to practice the proper technique to get your hands as clean as possible.

Good handwashing practices are essential for protecting yourself and other people from the germs, chemicals, and dirt that can accumulate on your hands throughout the day.

Get your hands wet with water.

Turn on your faucet and wet your hand ie your palms and the backs of your hands completely.

Opt to wet your hands underneath running water to ensure that it’s clean.

Standing water may contain germs or bacteria.

Apply enough hand soap to totally cover your hands.

Then begin rubbing your hands together to lather the soap until it forms suds.
You can use liquid hand soap, a soap bar, or powdered soap anyone you please.

Interlace your fingers to the clean in between them.

Interlace your fingers with your palms together and scrub hard
Wash your hands like this for about 3–5 seconds each.

Hold onto your thumb and rotate your other hand around it.

Stick out your right thumb and wrap your left hand around it. Turn your left hand up and down to scrub your thumb and spread the soap down to where it connects to your hand. After about 2–3 seconds, switch hands to clean your other thumb.
Hold onto your thumb as tight as you comfortably can to work the soap deeper into your skin.

Rub your palms with the tips of your fingers.

Keep your left hand open so your palm faces up. Clench the fingers on your right hand and use your fingertips to scrub your left palm. Continue working the soap into your palm for 3–4 seconds before cleaning your right hand the same way.

This helps the soap get underneath your nails so they aren’t as dirty.

Rinse your hands thoroughly.

After you finish lathering and scrubbing your hands, place your hands under the running water again and allow the water to run over them. Remove all the soap from your hands until you don’t see any more suds.

Use a towel to turn off the faucet. If the water does not automatically shut off, then hold onto the faucet with your towel to turn it off. That way, you don’t re-contaminate your hands right away. Throw away the towel if it’s disposable or hang it to dry.

You can also use your elbow to turn off the faucet if a towel is not available.
If you’re using reusable hand towels, wash them at least once per week so germs don’t build up.

Tip: In total, you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

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