AMAZING: See This New Invention Made By A Nigerian To Curb The Spread Of Covid 19 Rapidly

As Covid 19 spreads easily and have killed thousands, so many technicians, scientists and virologists are researching on new ways to curb and eliminate this novel virus out of Earth.


Here comes a new invention by an igbo man from Nigeria, he made an automatic machine that pours soap, sanitizer and water automatically to prevent contact like the common taps, so this machine will keep your hands clean without any contact with the machine.


It is said to be able to prevent the spread of covid 19 as the virus can survive on plastic and on an object for hours and if it can that means with contact it will continue spreading if a person who contacted touch with the normal tap to wash his/her hand and closes it, the person re-touched the tap so the virus still remains.

With this machine that can’t be so.

Watch the video below:

2 thoughts

  1. It’s not new. There have been automatic soaps, sanitizers and water taps for long time. It’s only that they don’t seem to use these automatic soaps (and sanitizers) in public so much. These should be used in every place.


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