As of 11:40pm 13th of May 184 new cases of covid-19 have been reported with 164 Death.

Nigeria center for disease control has confirmed 184 new cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria.

Here are the breakdown

1) 51-Lagos

2) 23-Jigawa
3) 16-Bauchi
4) 16-Katsina

5) 14-Kano
6) 10-FCT
7) 10-Rivers
8) 9-Kwara
9) 5-Delta
10) 5-Kaduna
11) 4-Sokoto
12) 4-Oyo
13) 3-Kebbi
14) 3-Nasarawa
15) 3-Osun
16) 2-Ondo
17) 1-Ebonyi
18) 1-Edo
19) 1-Enugu
20) 1-Anambra
21) 1-Plateau
22) 1-Niger

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4971 cases of Covid-19 in Nigeria

Discharged: 1070

Deaths: 164

Take the preventive measure to protect yourself from contacting Coronavirus by practicing social distancing, wearing of facemask and frequent washing of hand with soap and running water.

Stay safe and stay responsible.

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