7 Things That Proves Coronavirus Don’t Exist In Nigeria (No 5 Will Shock You)

7 Things That Proves Coronavirus Might Not Exist In Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with over 180 million citizens.



The first case of covid 19 in Nigeria was recorded and confirmed on the 27 of February, 2020 and till now 15th May 2020 the cases have reached to 5192 confirmed cases in Nigeria.

Most Nigerians don’t believe Covid 19 exist in Nigeria anymore because of this 10 shocking reasons:

1. Increasing Cases

The cases was increasing rapidly amidst the total lockdown in the country, there was a rapid increase in the total cases confirmed daily even when everyone is indoor, Nigerians kept on asking where are the cases from.

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2. No Palliatives

No palliatives given to citizens of Nigerian, this palliatives was given to selected people not even the needy and poor and even the palliatives and relief funds given to the selected ones are worthless for it can keep a man for weeks. American and other countries have citizens and non- citizens but Nigeria didn’t.

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3. Errors Made By NCDC

The error made by NCDC, ok everyone do make mistake. Yes, but sometimes be careful because not all mistakes can be taken as one.

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4. State Governor and NCDC different numbers

The State/Governor and NCDC different confirmed cases, this has been done several times, some Governor announce the total daily cases confirmed in their state which is always different from the one of NCDC, making this look like a game or child’s play.

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5. Burnt Donations

The billions of naira donation that got burnt, that incident shocked Nigerians really well especially brands and individuals that donated.

Nigeria is a country of surprising and funds goes missing anyhow, this is not the first time and now it happened to Covid 19 funds and they claimed it was over 700bn naira that got burnt in the finance office.

Three questions i ask:

1. What can’t it be kept in the bank.

2. Why did the office burn only after huge donations.

3. The news looks planned.

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6. The Chief Of Staff death and burial

The Chief Of Staff death and burial, Nigerians also addresses this as a reason why Covid 19 in Nigeria is scam, it was clearly seen in Abba Kyari (Former Chief Of Staff) coffin that blood stains was there 😲, now where did it comes from. Do covid 19 makes one bleed.

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7. No much statistics

Nigerians complained that the data given or showed to them are so irrelevant as they don’t reveal much to the citizens.

No faces, burial photos and videos of dead Covid 19 patients just the numbers and only numbers.



  1. God has a plan for Nigeria and no man can stop it. It surely come to pass at the appointed time in Jesus name amen

  2. The leaders of this zoo nation are only good in making laws but are lawless themselves, they want the poor masses to abide their laws while they defile it. Shame on Nigeria.

  3. So they said but we haven’t seen any covid 19 patient died bodies nor grave apart from that of Abba kyari’s own , Nigeria is not longer saved.
    Our political leaders has become …e.t.c scammers , money doublers , fugitives ,and 419
    If care is not taking or drastic measures where not assume responsibility am afraid what this pregnant country will delivered .
    The Nigeria youths have been denied their rights , the citizen of this country has no frenchaise no devidence , they where made unto street berggers , our right have been deprived !!! God will fight for us inshallah .

    • Our leaders are thieves and they have no for the down throden masses. None of them is exempted.It is only God that will judge them.

  4. Where are we going in this country,may God intervain before it leads into civil war in Jesus name amen.

  5. The reasons we have only a ruler in Nigeria not leader, the top level personnel and political officers holder are using this opportunity to enriched themselves and the masses are suffering of hunger. Allah ya Isa kawai

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