Buhari will announce a message concerning things going on in the country today.

Here are 5 things to expect;

1. Another Fresh Lockdown loadingnin Nigeria.

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2. Buhari will surely give a stricter order for those who violates the compulsory wear of face mask. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and we shouldn’t be compared with countries having low population like Ghana, Madagascar etc. their spread rate is slower than ours.

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3. Muhammadu Buhari might order for the purchase of the Madagascar herbal cure to see if it can be used in Nigeria as the country boast of having a herbal cure.

4. More money will be funded into the health sector of Nigeria because our health sector is not prepared for a blow when it comes as it is already showing signs with over 5,000 cases almost 6,000.

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5. Lastly, The President might also ease the lockdown totally but he might shift it to next month because other countries are already easing their lockdown, countries like Germany who recently announced the restart of bundesliga and other

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Our President might take that huge step in easing the but with strong law like low crowds, police and military everywhere, but school won’t resume for now.

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4 thought on “5 Messages To Expect From Buhari Today”
  1. Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku, is one of the governor that have the health of his state, he has make his efforts and presently all the 17 case of coronavirus patients in Taraba State has been all discharge. Please the federal government should award Governor Of Taraba State for his efforts, congratulations to all Tarabians coronavirus free for now,. Long life Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku, long life Taraba State, long life Nigerian.

  2. If president want to lockdown this country, let him go ahead because some people can not keep a simple instruction, let him lockdown this country so that this virus will reduce, I want the resumption of schools and markets open at once in this country

  3. I want to call on the attention of federal government over the support to all NGO especially binta free medical outreach Africa to carry out their assignments to unreachable to reach.

  4. If Mr President with ease the lockdown is good, but the case is still increase and if Nigeria can follow and obey the law, covid-19 case will reduce by the use of face mask and to maintain social distend, I support the president over any decision he takes over the lockdown.

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