The world will never remain the same after the end of this Pandemic that shake all, stopped important activities and made billions of humans stay at home.

Lessons From Covid 19 Pandemic
Lessons From Covid 19 Pandemic

Covid 19 should surely tell us something we are missing and don’t care to know about:-

1. Planning for bad

In life and in what ever you do, there must surely be a difficult part to overcome, why you know it will surely come, then you prepare for it earlier so when it arrives you know the right steps to make.

2. Respect our natural environment

The rate of pollution around the world really decreased as clouds become clear and air becomes fresh, humans will always be careful if they love their life because the Earth might get annoyed and fight back again.

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3. Strengthen the health sector

More funds have been spent, even more than what will be spent if they had prepared but no they didn’t and the virus have made them do so and they did it double.

4. We don’t last forever

Just the deaths this year beats two years ago number of deaths, that is something mind-blowing that if told before 2020 you won’t believe, life don’t forever and no one knows when he/she will die, so today sit down, relax your mind and reflect and change for you don’t know your turn.

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5. Money can’t buy life (We are all equal)

The CoronaVirus cleared both the rich, middle class, poor and famous. It didn’t work by partiality because we are all humans and everyone should be equal, enjoy we enjoy suffer we suffer.

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