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How to prevent being a potential rape victim

Here are some tips that could help you not to become a potential rape victim.

Always keep your phone charged.

Don’t step out with an almost-dead phone. It can be your saving grace, whether you need to call the cops or call your friends and ask them for help.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Parking lots and parking garages are two of the sites that are most often targeted by attempted rapists. These people are predators, so view your surroundings carefully. If you are in a parking lot and feel someone is following you, start making noise talk to yourself loudly, talk to an imaginary person, or pretend to talk on your cell phone. The louder the potential victim, the more the predator is apt to freeze. This doesn’t mean you should become paranoid but be more aware.

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Learn to trust your gut instincts.

If you feel uneasy or unsure in any way, it is in your best interest to get away and get help. Use your instincts and be aware of your freeze instinct.

Stick with your friends.

Wherever you go, show up with a group of friends and leave with that group of friends. Even if you and your friends have ended up at different parts of the party, always know where your friends are and make sure that they see where you are, too.

Learn “SING”.

This stands for Solar-Plexus-Instep-Nose-Groin, the four attack points you should focus on if grabbed from behind. Elbow them in the solar plexus, stomp on the foot as hard as you can, and when they let go, turn around and jam the palm of your hand into their nose in an upward motion, then finish with a knee to the groin. This may disable your assailant long enough for you to get away.

Don’t leave your drink unattended.

Treat your drink like a $100.00 bill. Don’t let anyone hold your drink. Avoid anything that somebody gives you. It could be “counterfeited.” Always hold, keep and get your own drinks. Keep your hand over the top of your drink because it’s easy to drop something into it.

Carry defensive items only if you know how to use them.

Remember, any “weapon” that could hurt a potential attacker can be used against you if you are not well trained and comfortable with it.

Notice and leave identifying marks.

A large bite mark on their face, punctured eyeball, deeply scratched leg, ripped out piercing etc. is easily identifiable, as are memorable tattoos, etc.

Top 5 foods Nigerians can’t do without

When it comes to Nigeria, Food is a special culture there and there are common foods Nigerians can’t do without.

Here are the top 5 foods Nigerians can’t do without:


1. EBA

The one and only eba, about 800 in 1000 people in Nigeria eat this food everyday, Eba goes with every soup in Nigeria. It soft texture, good looking and the cheap EBA makes it a food Nigerians can’t do without. Even if it price in market is increased from N400 to N1000 Nigerians don’t care.



This food look so charming and delicious with the Egusi soup, it modifies the Eba and gives Nigerians an option to choose the Eba or the Fufu. The hot and just pounded Fufu served with any Nigerian soup gives you a taste of Heaven on Earth.



Rice is rich in carbohydrates and fairly low in calories. It is a good source of energy because it is carbohydrate-dense. Wetin concern Nigerians concern eating this food everyday. Rice is commonly a Sunday breakfast, lunch and dinner for Nigerians either served with the stew, sauce or Banga(in igbo ofe akwu).


In every restaurant in Nigeria if you don’t find this food they have not started cause this is what they want.


3. Bread

Nigerians like carbohydrate foods ehh and bread can’t be option out.The Bread comes in various sizes in Nigeria and it is hawked everyday in Nigeria. Bread is eaten mostly with tea,beans, butter or soft-drinks in Nigeria.


4. The indomie or noodles

Noodles are Nigeria’s stream of foods which is consumed by both young and old. Nigerians go for noodles because it is cheap, easy and fast to cook, hence the name “instant noodles.”
Every parents in Nigeria will like to have a carton in their home.


5. Snacks

Nigerians go for snacks to complete their meal or to save some money. When there is buns,meat-pie,gala etc Nigerians will never go hungry it a fact

So that are the top 5 foods Nigerians can’t do without you can proof me wrong

You can also add yours in the comment section 😋😉😊

See the world most expensive christmas tree the PRICE will SHOCK You.

World most expensive Christmas Tree filled with precious stones and jewelries worth $15 million dollars, this tree equals to=

  • A Average Mansion = $5,000,000
  • Bugatti Veyron= $3,000,000
  • 500 iPhone11 Pro Max= $545,500
  • 2000 Airpods Pro= $480,000
  • Lamborghini’s Veneno Roadster= $5.45 million
  • 1,750 Play Station 4 = 525,000

These are things that can be acquired in place of a standing Christmas Tree.

This Christmas, visitors to the Kempinski Hotel Bahia, near Marbella, Spain will be treated to the sight of the hotel’s c hristmas tree, decked out with diamonds, precious stones and designer jewelry.
The tree is dripping with diamonds, sapphires and designer jewelry.

Credit: Kempinski Hotel Bahia

The tree is decorated with red, white, pink and black diamonds, the tree, designed by Debbie Wingham, is worth a staggering £11.9 million ($15 million), according to the hotel.
As well as diamonds, the tree is embellished with upcycled jewelry from Bulgari, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chanel, 3D-printed chocolate peacocks, feathers, ostrich eggs and bottles of perfume.

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The world most expensive christmas tree also worth the price of Taylor Swift mansion, we expect to see more surprising and expensive things and decorations this season of Christmas.

Top ten poisonous spiders (photos)

Brazilian Wandering Spider, (Phoneutria bahiensis)

Black Widow, (Latrodectus mactans)

Mouse spider, (Missulena)

Brown Widow, (Latrodectus geometricus.)

Goliath Birdeater Tarantula, (Theraphosa blondi.)

Brown Recluse, (Loxosceles reclusa)

Six-Eyed Sand Spider, (Sicarius hahni)

Sydney Funnel-Web Spider, (Atrax robustus.)

Hobo Spider, (Tegenaria agrestis.)

Redback Spider, (Latrodectus hasselti)

5 most disgusting and disturbing pictures (Don’t open while eating)

In this world there beautiful things, beautiful people and satisfying things, but there are still some disgusting things that can make you sick by just seeing them.

However, am writing this post to show you some disgusting photos in the world, some are gotten from diseases while some are gotten from nature.

I would have made this post “10 most disgusting pictures ” but seeing those pictures irritates me and I made it five.

5. Poop 💩 💩

Hahaha, who love poop or seeing it in behind your favorite meal. gross!!!

4. Disgusting long toenails

Nails are fine and beautiful but leaving it without trimming it or doing some nail treatment on it can make it look really disgusting.

3. Maggots

You see maggots in rotten things, maggots are disgusting organisms. Imagine! seeing dozens of maggots in a pot of rice.

A man’s leg full of maggots

2. Tongue Diseases (a black hairy tongue)

Tongue is an important organ in animals, but tongue diseases are really disgusting. Apart from the disease, not brushing the tongue or washing can bring bad smells and particles.

1. Pictures of holes “Trypophobia”(the fear of holes)

This can be disturbing and disgusting, holes really irritates and makes one feel an itchy body(goosebumps)

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7 Things you see daily and you do not know their purpose

Things you see daily and you do not know their purpose

Have you ever wondered the purpose of some things you see every day but you do not know their meaning such as small plastic discs inside a bottle top or some metal like buttons on the pockets of your jeans? I am going to explain the purpose of this things you and probably don’t know why they are there or see them as waste of resources.

1. The first is the stripes on your headphones or earphones jack-

These mostly are on the jack that you enter into your phone of music devices. Mostly they are dark like rings that might look like they are for decoration. They serve as purpose for to protect the wire that transmits sound to the head phones. They are usually two to three rings one for the left headphone and the other for the right and the other is neutral.

2. Notebook margins-

when you view your book there is always margins on your far left with mostly a red line that separates them from your work. Most people believe it is left for corrections and rough work but the main purpose is to prevent your work from damage by animals such as rats that feed on book edges.

3. The plastic disc under the plastic bottle top of your bottle or soda-

most people see it and they do not know their purpose. They help to keep gases in the drink intact and avoid it from escaping and prevent air from outside from getting in.

4. The hole on your lollipop sweet-

most children see that hole as a whistle since it produces sound when air is blown through it. The purpose of the hole at the end of the stick is to prevent a person from choking accidentally by the sweet.

5. The hole in your ball pen lid and the hole in your pen

For the lid the purpose is to prevent you from accidentally swallowing the lid whereas the hole on middle of pen shaft helps circulation of air in the pen to prevent creation of a vacuum in the pen that would make the ink come out.

6. The button like metal rivets on the jeans pocket

They are put there to prevent your jean pockets from ripping open when placed under strenuous activity since people wear jeans mostly to strenuous work or walk.

7. What’s that little jean pocket used for

The pocket is a “watch pocket”, small enough to keep a pocket watch.

It was explained that Levis introduced the pockets to cater for cowboys pocket watches.

It’s a tradition; an authentic construction of the jean. It was product innovation before that was a buzzword … We keep the fifth pocket for the vintage integrity of our jeans. We make jeans that uphold our denim roots.”

Tanzanian billionaire Reginald Mengi dies at 75 leaving $560m for his 39-year-old wife

Tanzanian billionaire Reginald Mengi dies at 75 leaving $560m for his 39-year-old wife

– Tanzanian business magnate, Reginald Mengi, has passed on at 75

– The Tanzanian media and business executives confirmed that Mengi died on May 2, 2019 in Dubai

– The tycoon left a N203 billion fortune for his 39-year-old wife and former Miss Tanzania, Jacqueline Mengi

The business world has lost one of their own as 75-year-old tycoon and billionaire, Reginald Mengi passed on. Mengi who was the richest man in Tanzania left behind his young wife, Jacqueline and their four children.

billionaire Reginald Mengi and wife

It was gathered that Mengi passed on in the early hours of May 2, 2019, in Dubai.

According to reports, the billionaire left behind $560 million (N203,128,800,000) for his 39-year-old wife and former Miss Tanzania, making her the richest woman in East Africa.

Reginald Mengi owned several business organisations including Radio One, ITV, IPP Gold and more.

RIP to the dead.

The most expensive house in the world in 2018: Who owns it?

The most expensive house in the world in 2018: Who owns it?

Our world is full of billionaires who love to live big. That is why it is not surprising that most of them have some very expensive houses. Today, we are going to show you the most expensive house in the world, where you can find it, who owns it and how expensive it actually is. Join us, if you want to learn more about this.

Most expensive home in the world

Over the years, there has been some confusion as to what house should be called the most expensive in the world. If you have ever googled ‘the most expensive house’, you might have come across Villa Les Cèdres, which is often regarded as the most expensive. However, we strongly disagree, as Villa Les Cèdres only costs $410 million.

You might be wondering: Only? Only 410 million US dollars? Well, when compared to the price of the actual most expensive house, 410 million does not seem all that much.

The most expensive house in the world is Antilia, and it costs between $1-2 billion. And before you say ‘But what about Buckingham Palace? Isn’t it more expensive?’, we want to explain our reasoning for not picking it as the most expensive. While technically it is more expensive than Antilia (it is said to be worth over $5 billion), and it is, by all means, a house, albeit of the Queen herself, it is still a palace. It is hard to see it as just a regular home. Besides, if we were to count other palaces, it would not even be among the top three in terms of worth. That is why we have chosen to talk about Antilia. If you want to learn more about this extravagant building, then continue reading.

Things you should know about Antilia

Apart from being the most expensive house in the whole world, Antila is actually quite fascinating. Here are ten interesting facts about this luxurious building: Antilia was built back in 2010, and its official opening happened on February 5, 2010. However, it took seven years to finish construction. The building was designed by Perkins and Will, an American firm that deals with architecture and design. The project was brought to life by an Australian construction company by the name of Leighton Holdings. Antilia’s height is 173 metres, and it is among top 50 tallest buildings in Mumbai, India. Even though the building of such size could fit at least 40-60 floors, it only consists of 27, as each floor has extra high ceilings. You can move between the floors on one of the 9 fast elevators. You can find this towering phenomenon on Atlamount Rd., Cumballa Hill in the city of Mumbai, India. Be careful not to hurt your neck while looking up to see the top of it!

The roof of the building houses three helipads. From there, you can also experience the wonderful panoramic view of the city. Antilia was named after a phantom island in the Atlantic Ocean called Antillia. The building has a staff of 600 employees that maintain it 24/7. The design of Antillia allows it to withstand earthquakes of up to 8 on the Richter scale. Even before it was built, Antilia sparked quite a few controversies. Issues were first raised about the land on which the building was supposed to stand, then about the construction of helipads and the car park. After it was completed, many people condemned it because it looked too expensive and out of place in ‘the city of slums’. Despite its grand size, this entire house is the home of only one family. Can you believe that?

Who owns the most expensive house in the world?

The man who own this house (and who actually ordered to build it) is a business magnate and billionaire from India by the name of Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani. The man in question is the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries Ltd., which is the most valuable company in India. He placed 19th on the Forbes Billionaires list, and he is the richest person in all of India. His net worth is currently $40.9 billion. At the age of 60, Ambani has achieved quite a lot: he is a chairman in several large companies, he has been awarded for his entrepreneurial prowess multiple times, and he is the wealthiest owner of the most expensive residential building in the world. You might also want to know that Mukesh does not drink alcohol and is strictly vegetarian.

He and his wife Nita are currently enjoying their lives in their luxurious home, and their three grown children often visit them when they are in town. Despite the fact that the house is serviced by 600 people, children still have to clean up their rooms themselves. That is all we can tell you about Antilia and its owner. If you still think that we should have talked about the Buckingham palace, let us know! We would love to hear from you.

The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson’s Former New York City Mansion Finally Sold For $32 Million


For Michael Jackson , no home was ever too extravagant. You remember Neverland , right? For those of us without a King of Pop-sized budget, simply being able to admire the facades of New York City mansions is an absolute treat.


The Manhattan mansion at 4 East 74th Street , which was formerly home to icons such as Jackson and Marc Chagall, is one of those beautiful homes, and it’s time on the market has come to a close.

After just under a year, the most recent buyer closed a deal on the six story, 16 room, and 7 bedroom limestone for $32 million, represented by Adam D. Modlin of Modlin Group , who was also the listing broker. It’s a giant number, but the home is certainly worth every penny—if not more. Take a look around to see for yourself:


It sits on a lot that measures an estimated 2,448 square feet.


To put that into perspective, quotes mansions being anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 square feet. So, in NYC terms, this place is something like a mega-mansion.


Plus, those finishes…*faints* How stunning is that countertop?


With enough natural light in this one room to light up the entire house, I would definitely eat every meal (and snack) in there.


There’s no such thing as a small room in this home. We’re also loving that there’s a fireplace in almost every room.


A separate tub? In Manhattan? In-cred-i-ble.


That view! The air up there probably just feels
more special, right?


Bombs tear through Sri Lankan churches and hotels, killing more than 200 people on an Easter Sunday, April 21(photos)

Bombs tear through Sri Lankan churches and hotels, killing more than 200 people

(CNN) The calm of Easter Sunday was shattered by gruesome bombings that killed at least 207 people in Sri Lankan churches and hotels.

Though it’s not clear who’s behind the eight explosions that forced the country of 21 million people to go on lockdown, they are “certainly acts of terror,” said Manisha Gunasekera, high commissioner of Sri Lanka to the UK.

An intelligence memo warning of a possible attack had circulated 10 days earlier, raising questions about whether more preventative measures could have been taken.

“Serious action need to be taken as to why this warning was ignored,” Sri Lanka’s Minister of Telecommunications, Harin Fernando, tweeted along with a photo of the memo. The document, titled “Information of an alleged plan attack,” is dated April 11 and signed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Priyalal Dissanayake.

The explosions blew out the tiled roofs of churches and hotel windows, killing worshippers and hotel guests in the process.

Images and footage showed bloodied pews, broken glass, and plumes of smoke.

“You can see pieces of flesh thrown all over the walls and on the sanctuary and even outside of the church,” Father Edmond Tillekeratne, social communications director for the Archdiocese of Colombo, told CNN from St. Sebastian’s Church, one of the explosion sites.

He estimated that more than a thousand people had come to the church for Easter Sunday “because it is a special day.” Many came from villages afar, he said.

A woman is in tears after a deadly bomb blast at St. Anthony’s Shrine in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, on Sunday.
Soldiers secure the area around St. Anthony’s Shrine.

In pictures: Coordinated attacks in Sri Lanka kill more than 200 people

A woman is in tears after a deadly bomb blast at St. Anthony’s Shrine in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, on Sunday.

This is an attack against the whole of Sri Lanka because Sri Lanka is (a) multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural country, and the whole country comes together in celebration of Easter Sunday,” Gunasekera said.

The violence punctured a decade of relative peace in the country following the end of its civil war in 2009 — where attacks were common during the 25-year struggle.

Since then, Sri Lanka has turned itself into a popular tourist destination, winning the title of best place in the world to visit in 2019 from travel guide publisher Lonely Planet.

How the attacks unfolded
St. Sebastian’s Church in Negombo was severely damaged in the attacks.
St. Sebastian’s Church in Negombo was severely damaged in the attacks.

The first wave of attacks struck during busy Easter services at churches in the heart of the country’s minority Christian community — in the cities of Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa.

More blasts ripped through three luxury hotels in the capital city of Colombo: the Shangri La, Cinnamon Grand and Kingsbury.

The Shangri-La in Colombo said the hotel’s Table One cafe was attacked just after 9 a.m local time. The hotel is popular with foreign tourists and the country’s business community.

Another blast rocked a hotel in front of the Dehiwala Zoo in Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia.

The final blast struck a private house in Mahawila Gardens, in Dematagoda, during a raid in connection with the attacks, officials said. Three police officers were killed.

“When crime division officials started questioning the people in the house, two explosions occurred,” police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara said. “One sub inspector and two constables of police have been killed.”

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe “expressed his gratitude” to the officers in a statement, according to state news agency Derena TV.

Wickremesinghe reiterated that “stern action will be taken against those responsible,” the news agency reported.

In all, the eight sites of explosions Sunday included:

  • St. Anthony’s Shrine, Colombo
  • St. Sebastian’s Church, Negombo
  • Zion Church, Batticaloa
  • Cinnamon Grand, Colombo
  • Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo
  • The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo
  • Near Dehiwala Zoo in Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia
  • A house in Mahawila Gardens, Dematagoda

“There is also information that these have been suicide bombings carried out,” Manisha Gunasekera said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility by any terror group. But seven people were arrested following the attacks, said Harsha de Silva, Sri Lanka’s minister of economic reforms and public distribution.

The victims came from around the world

A Sri Lankan officer inspects a blast site at the Shangri-La hotel in Colombo.
Of the hundreds of people killed, about 30 were foreigners, de Silva tweeted.

At least 20 foreigners were among those killed in the capital city of Colombo, hospital director general Anil Jasinghe said.

The foreigners killed include at least three Indians, two Turkish nationals and two Chinese citizens, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Five British citizens, including two dual US-UK nationals, were also killed in the bombings, the statement said.

Social media is cut off

The Sri Lankan government blocked social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram while the investigation got under way.

Facebook issued a statement Sunday offering its condolences to the those “affected by this horrendous act.”

Teams from across Facebook have been working to support first responders and law enforcement as well as to identify and remove content which violates our standards,” the company said.

“We are aware of the government’s statement regarding the temporary blocking of social media platforms. People rely on our services to communicate with their loved ones and we are committed to maintaining our services and helping the community and the country during this tragic time.”

Authorities order a curfew
Police in Sri Lanka imposed an island-wide curfew from Sunday evening until Monday morning. In Colombo, the streets were eerily quiet, with hardly any cars on the road and no signs of bustling city life.

Four guards carrying AK-47 rifles stood by a locked gate of a hotel not far from the Shangri-La, and bomb-sniffing dogs checked bags.

Earlier, the country’s authorities convened an emergency meeting involving the heads of the army, air force and navy, according to de Silva, Sri Lanka’s economic reforms minister.

“Horrible scenes, I saw many body parts strewn all over,” de Silva said after visiting the Kochchikade church and Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo. “We took multiple casualties to hospital. Hopefully saved many lives.”

De Silva said rescue operations were underway, adding that emergency crews were operating in “full force.”

Christians were the apparent targets

A tragic Holy Week culminates in an Easter Sunday horror A tragic Holy Week culminates in an Easter Sunday horror

Sri Lanka’s minority Christian community appeared to be the main target of Sunday’s attack. Christianity is a minority religion in Sri Lanka, accounting for less than 10% of the total population of 21.4 million.

According to census data, 70.2% of Sri Lankans identify as Buddhist, 12% Hindu, 9.7% Muslim, and 7.4% Christian. It is estimated that 82% of Sri Lankan Christians are Roman Catholic.

Sunday’s attacks risk upsetting the country’s fragile post-war peace. Tensions between the majority Sinhalese and the Tamil minority led to a 25-year civil war between the Tamil Tigers, classified by the United States and others as a terrorist organization, and government forces.

More than 70,000 people died in the fighting, which ended when Sri Lankan forces defeated the Tamil Tigers in 2009.

In recent years, the country has witnessed a surge in ultra-nationalist Buddhism led by the Bodu Bala Sena, the country’s most powerful Buddhist organization, which has pledged to defend the religion.

Sandun Arosha F’do contributed reporting from Colombo, Sri Lanka. CNN’s James Griffiths reported from Colombo. Holly Yan, Donie O’Sullivan, Darran Simon and Chandler Thornton also contributed to this report.



The boy who is afraid of Camera due to his big Nose 🐽(photos)

I have a friend who is afraid of Camera because of his big Nose

Having a big nose is not so bad, but this boy stays away from cameras and refuses to take pictures because of his big nose

However, I have some photos of the boy, which I managed to get cause he avoids the camera

See below:

He covers his face with an handkerchief because he hate camera and almost broke my phone cause I wanted to snap him

Billionaire Femi Otedola showers compliments on his best friend Aliko Dangote as he clocks age 62

You have broken every boundary in worldwide business and industry – Femi Otedola to Dangote as he clocks 62

A popular Nigerian business mogul has expressed his best wishes for his close friend as he celebrates him on the occasion of his birthday ceremony. Billionaire Femi Otedola has taken to social media to write a heartwarming celebratory message to his close friend, Aliko Dangote, who recently clocked the age of 62.

Otedola in his birthday message showered accolades on his cement mogul friend whom he described as a brother and one of the greatest men to come out of Africa. Rolling out some of the achievements of the celebrant, Otedola further labelled him as a titan that the almighty had specially created for the sake of humanity.

Happy birthday to the greatest man that has come out of Africa. My brother, the visionary, owner of the 2nd largest sugar refinery in the world, the largest cement factory in the world, one of the largest flour mills in the world, the 2nd largest fertiliser plant in the world that is due for completion, and the biggest oil refinery in the world. Aliko Dangote is a titan that God created especially for mankind.” Otedola said. He concluded his post by noting that his friend and brother has broken every boundary in worldwide business and industry.

Otedola expressed appreciation to Dangote for the brotherly love that they both share. “You have broken every boundary in worldwide business and industry. Thanks for the brotherly love…” he said.

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