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Top 5 Africa Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

African countries have more beautiful women compare to women in the western world. African women are beautiful, charming, gorgeous,and classic. They are also referred to as fashion icon and stylist or role model.

So here are the top 5 countries in Africa with the most beautiful and charming women.


5. Ghana

Ghana women are very beautiful. “This is a point noted by almost anyone who has visited Ghana”. Ghana women are very beautiful, gorgeous and stunning.

Image source: Ghanaladies.Com


4. Nigeria

Nigerian women are very beautiful, curvy, stunning, charming, gorgeous and classic. When it comes to good looks, Nigerian women are famous for that. Nigerian women are very beautiful and always every men crush. Nigerian women are not known for beauty alone but also known for bravery, smartness, fashion and creativity.



3. South Africa

South African women are very beautiful, charming and attractive. South African women are very beautiful and romantic.

Image source: thefamouspeople.com


2. Zimbabwe

Women in Zimbabwe are very beautiful, stunning and curvy. They took this spot.

Image source: youthvillagezimbabwe.com


1. Egypt

Egypt is regarded as the country in Africa with the most beautiful women. Egyptian women are very beautiful, charming, gorgeous, brave, good looking, classic and have a good sense of fashion. Egyptian women are very beautiful and currently number 1 on our list of top the 5 Africa Countries with the most beautiful women.

Image source: cairoceleb com

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5 African Trending dress

African style of dress is considered to be the most vivid and recognizable among other varieties of ethnic styles.

Africa brings to the whole world bright multi-colour traditional clothing.

Of course, modern African dresses styles in 2019 are distinguished by their wonderful and fascinating patterns. African landscapes, plants, images of wild animals and colors that complement our skin tones are often used as patterns for African fabrics.

Here are five trending Africa clothing:

1. Party gowns

Party gowns always looks stunning, emphasising your graceful contour, providing splendid movement of the elegant materials.
Party gown will be a perfect solution for it. Combinations of flowing fabrics and original, asymmetrical cuts and lines in addition with attention-getting colours . You are able to rock the party wearing a party gown in different variations, whether it is with a bouffant bottom, different length of sleeves or totally sleeveless and bustier. There are also a lot of options for embroideries and other decorations.

2. Ankara short gown

Short dresses are a great idea for ladies who want to show off their beautiful figure, attractive and feminine forms, and also show off their fashionable and elegant outfit.

Modern ankara short dresses are excellent for creating exquisite evening outfits for special celebrations and festive events, as well as concise everyday and street-style outfits.

3. Bell-bottomed Ankara trousers

Bell-bottomed Ankara trousers are one of the most trending pants for ladies. It look very stylish and fashionable, giving your outfit a fantastic charm. There is also a variety of tops that you can combine with your bell-bottomed Ankara trousers. Everything depends on your mood and taste. You can go for a modest and straightforward top to lay the main emphasize on the pants. Or you can go a little bit extra and chose a bright top of solid color or the same Ankara pattern to create a unique and attractive image. Such outfit would be a perfect match for a party or even date.

4. Palazzo Ankara pants

We want to finish our collection of Ankara trending pants for ladies with another loose-fit style called Palazzo. You should definitely take them into consideration if you have had a bellyful of cheesy skinny pants. These styles of Ankara trousers also excellently go with different types of tops. Palazzo Ankara trousers look absolutely unique and fantastic, drawing all the attention to your gorgeous outfit.

5. pencil dress

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This is a simple pencil dress, which differs from the western gown of this type with its color only. It’s made out of bright and colorful Ankara fabric with a geometric pattern. It looks perfect with a matching single-color top or a blouse. It’s also interesting that in dresses and skirts of the African style different patterns and colors can be easily combined.