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Top 5 Most Handsome Footballers ( No. 2 is very handsome )

Many football players are handsome but here are our list of 5 most handsome and cute footballers.


1· Robin Van Persie

This great footballer from the Netherlands is not only good at scoring goals but must definitely score some major points amongst guys because of his Fine appearance which also makes him famous. Popularly called the Flying Dutchman

2· Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese footballer is one of the most handsome and wealthy men on the world with a lot of influence over the general public, when he moved from Real Madrid to Juventus he is still famous with lot of fans.

3· Gerrard Pique


The Spanish giant Barcelona’s is probably one of the best looking footballers in Spain and perhaps the world as a whole, also He has won a lot of trophies during his time in football.

4· Lionel Messi


One of the most Popular and talented players on the planet is also one of the most handsome proving the theory that Successful men are always attractive. When you hear the Argentine Captains name you know who he is even if you don’t watch football, He is so charming.

5· Cesc Fabregas


The Spanish footballer has this calm, natural swag which definitely makes him one of the best looking players out there.

Barcelona star mocks Real Madrid while answering questions on relationship with his partner

Gerard Piqué trolls Real Madrid while answering questions on relationship with Shakira

Gerard Piqué has trolled Real Madrid while answering questions about his partner Shakira

Pique was a guest on a television show where he was asked to reveal the number of times he has slept with her last month

But the Spain international laughed and asked if those times at the Bernabeu counts Barcelona superstar Gerard Pique has taken a swipe at his club’s greatest rivals Real Madrid while answering questions about his relationship with Shakira.

The Spain international appeared on Spanish TV show La Resistencia which was filmed in Madrid to answer questions from presenter David Broncano.

And during their discussion on the television show on Thursday night, March 28, Pique was asked on his in-house life with his partner in which his response trolled Real Madrid.

Gerard Piqué was asked by the anchor of the show on how many times he has has slept with Shakira in the last month, Pique laughed, before responding: “Do those times at the Bernabeu count?”

And his response to the question led to laughter from the crowd who attended the show. This season, Gerard Pique was among the Barcelona players who recorded back to back win over Real Madrid at the Bernabeu.

Real Madrid are now on the verge of finishing the season without any title as they have been dumped out of the Champions League and also out of the Copa del Rey. Barcelona are currently topping the Spanish La Liga standings with 66 points, while Real Madrid are third on the log with 54 points.