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Top 5 Most Handsome Footballers ( No. 2 is very handsome )

Many football players are handsome but here are our list of 5 most handsome and cute footballers.


1· Robin Van Persie

This great footballer from the Netherlands is not only good at scoring goals but must definitely score some major points amongst guys because of his Fine appearance which also makes him famous. Popularly called the Flying Dutchman

2· Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese footballer is one of the most handsome and wealthy men on the world with a lot of influence over the general public, when he moved from Real Madrid to Juventus he is still famous with lot of fans.

3· Gerrard Pique


The Spanish giant Barcelona’s is probably one of the best looking footballers in Spain and perhaps the world as a whole, also He has won a lot of trophies during his time in football.

4· Lionel Messi


One of the most Popular and talented players on the planet is also one of the most handsome proving the theory that Successful men are always attractive. When you hear the Argentine Captains name you know who he is even if you don’t watch football, He is so charming.

5· Cesc Fabregas


The Spanish footballer has this calm, natural swag which definitely makes him one of the best looking players out there.

5 Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo is a Better Player Than Lionel Messi

5 Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo is a Better Player Than Lionel Messi
It cannot be denied that in the world of football, the two biggest names are none other than Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

They are simply two of the greatest players of this generation. But determining the best between the two is an ongoing debate. While there are those who will go for the Messi, there is no doubt whatsoever that many will also go for Ronaldo. They just think that the latter is a much better athlete than the former and vice versa. Hence, it is no surprise why fans continue to argue continuously as to who is a better player. After all, both Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have managed to provide some absolute moments of magic for the sports fans across the globe.

But before you consider going for some free bets, it is interesting to see why the former Real Madrid superstar is better than Messi. Take for example the Ballon d’Or, which is an award every football player in the world wants to have. Interestingly, all odds and predictions are pointing to Ronaldo and Messi. Meaning, they are two favorite players expected to win the said award. However, Messi’s odds of winning it are at 15/1, while Ronaldo is around 9/20. Judging by the numbers, it is safe to say that the latter is likely to win, giving him a lead at the race to become a GOAT (greatest of all-time).

In order to make this argument valid and worth checking, the article enlists reasons why Ronaldo is a top choice. So, without further ado, here are the 5 reasons why.

1. Sir Alex Ferguson Said It

It is no secret that Ronaldo decided to leave Manchester United in 2009. While it definitely hurt his teammates and particularly the fans, it was Sir Alex Ferguson who really felt the significance of having a superstar calibre in the form of Ronaldo. According to Business Insider, Ferguson described the football player as “a massive loss” after leaving the team. In his own words, he easily sees Ronaldo as “the best player in the world.”

Mind you, Ferguson’s description goes beyond just that. To him, Ronaldo is not only better than Kaka but also triumphs over Messi. “He is streets ahead of them all,” the Scottish former football manager and player of Manchester United said. Ferguson’s reasoning circles around the fact that Ronaldo, contrary to popular belief, has the ability to score goals in every way possible. In addition, he defines Ronaldo’s playability as someone who possesses all different types of attacking. If you combine free-kick specialists, goal poachers, speedy wingers, and so forth, you will get nothing but Ronaldo.

2. A More Complete Player

Anyone can agree that when it comes to doing spectacular things on the ball, either Messi or Ronaldo can get the job done. They are both blessed with the incredible qualities, such as excellent agility and top-notched dribbling skills. But what makes Ronaldo really different from Messi is his completeness. He is simply a more complete player than the latter, thanks to his unmatched heading ability.

Time and again, the Portuguese football superstar has delivered at some of the most important situations in teeth-wrenching matches. This is his due to his incredible headers, allowing him to tilt the balance of the game towards his team. Messi, on the other hand, is all about agility, ball control, and dribbling. Sure, Ronaldo can easily come close – if not be better – with Messi in all of the said areas. However, one cannot deny the fact that Ronaldo is just miles ahead in terms of athletic and physical abilities. These qualities easily make him a more complete when compared to the Argentine superstar.

3. International Success

The Barcelona superstar managed to grab and win each club trophy. The only catch, though, is that he has yet to acquire a trophy with Argentina. Messi has come heartbreakingly close with his team on various occasions, but, unfortunately for him, he fails to hand a trophy while working with the Albiceleste.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s career, on the other hand, is somewhat similar to Messi’s career but not until the summer Euro 2016. It was during that time that Portugal famously beat the host country France, securing a historic and memorable victory. It is sad that Ronaldo injured himself in the final, but everyone knows that he was successful in guiding his team to the title bout. More importantly, he emerged as an inspirational leader throughout the said tournament.

Keep in mind that the greatest players always have the ability to raise their game and, at the same time, propel a mediocre team to success. Ronaldo’s display of this incredibleness during the Euro 2016 triumph is proof that he is among the game’s all-time greats. This success, in particular, has firmly cemented his legacy. Until Messi becomes successful in grabbing a trophy with his talented Argentinian team, Ronaldo will always have a steady margin over him in any football debate there is.

4. Ronaldo Has Proven Himself in Various Leagues

Anyone will easily agree that if there a league that is the most competitive, it is none other than The Premier League. With that said, it was Ronaldo who became a standout player during his run at the Manchester United. To perfectly back up this argument, let’s bring back the Legendary Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson in the conversation. He added yet another explanation why he would always choose Ronaldo over Messi. He said that when the ball is at the latter’s feet, it seems he is wearing slippers. He added this: “I think Messi is a Barcelona player but Ronaldo could be playing for Stockport County and he would score a hat-trick. He is brilliant in the air and he has two feet.” Again, this does not mean that Messi is nothing close to being a great player. Of course, he is. But if he wants to compete with Ronaldo and beat him, he has to accomplish what the latter has achieved. Otherwise, comparing him and Ronaldo is only a waste of time.

5. A More Prolific Scorer

Football’s ultimate aim is to simply score. When it comes to acknowledging who the ultimate goal scorer is, it is easily Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, he is the only player in the history of football to win the golden shoe at least 4 times. And if you have been following Real Madrid, you will see just how great of a goal scorer he is. He is just mindboggling! Another interesting addition to his resume is his achievement of scoring 50+ goals in about 6 different seasons, a record only himself has achieved in the history of the game.


Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t save Juventus as Juventus loses to Ajax in UCL quarter-finals

Juventus vs Ajax: Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal not enough as Ajax reach UCL semi-final

– Juventus vs Ajax saw the Dutch giants Ajax knock Juventus out of the Champions League at the quarter-final round

– Cristiano Ronaldo headed in from a corner inside the first half-an-hour to hand Juventus a good start, but Ajax Donny van de Beek equalized in the 34 minute

– Matthijs de Ligt netted the heartbreaker for Ajax with a header and will now wait for the winner between Man City and Tottenham in the semi-final Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal was not enough as Juventus suffered a 1-2 home defeat against Ajax on Tuesday, April 16, in the reverse fixture of their Champions League quarter-final tie.

The encounter at Allianz Stadium saw Ajax come from behind to beat Juventus on the night and progress to the semifinals on a 3-2 aggregate win. Ajax made an early substitution, with Daley Sinkgraven replacing Nossair Mazraoui in the 6th minute after the later suffered a knock.

As the half progressed, Juventus were not finding it easy to break down the Dutch side, who showed class with the fluidity of their passing game.

However, it was Ronaldo again that netted the game’ opener in the 29th minute, to put Juventus into the lead after a decent assist from Miralem Pjanic. In the 34th minute Ajax levelled scores after Donny van de Beek beat Juventus defence offside trap. Moise Kean replaced Paulo Dybala as Juventus embark on quest to score the second goal.

Juventus had a penalty appeal after Emre Can went down in the vital area, after a tackle from an Ajax player, but the referee ignored making the call Ajax came close to netting the winner twice in the 57th minute but Juventus goalkeeper Szczesny was spot on to make a save.

And moment later Juve defence denied the visitor another chance to go into the lead.

But in the 67th minute after Matthijs de Light nodded in Ajax second off a corner-kick from Lasse Schone to further peg Juventus behind.
Indeed, it was the deciding moment of the game as Juventus needed to scores two more goals without conceding again, if they must progress to the semis.

Despite late chances Ajax held on to claim a precious 3 – 2 aggregate win after the two-legged affair.

The result sees Ajax progress to the semi-final round of the Champions League at the expense of Ronaldo’s Juventus.

Lionel Messi names himself and Ronaldo as best players in the world

Lionel Messi names himself and Ronaldo as best players in the world

Lionel Messi believes up to four players including Mbappe and Neymar have the capacity to reach the greatest heights of football

– He, however, named himself and Ronaldo as the world’s best players

– The duo won five Ballon d’Or awards each in the last decade before Luka Modric breaking the dominance in 2018 Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi, has named himself and rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, as the best players in the world. Football fans, pundits and players have for a longtime been embroiled in the debate on who is the best footballer between Ronaldo and Messi, with opinion often divided on who is better.

However, speaking during a recent interview, Messi admitted they both rank as world’s best footballers. He further named Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero as the other players who have the potential to reach greater heights in the round-leather game.

Today, Neymar, Mbappe, Suarez, Aguero can be the best in the world. Cristiano, I take him out and put him with me, a part. I swear to you, I am being honest,” the Barcelona captain was quoted saying. Both Messi and Ronaldo had a longstanding rivalry in the La Liga, with each often trying to outshine the other in record breaking.

But the animosity has slowed down in recent months after Ronaldo sealed a sensational move to Juventus last summer. “I miss Cristiano in Spain. It was nice to have him although it was difficult to see him win titles. It would have been nice to still have him here,” Messi admitted.

Be that as it may, the two players could have a chance to face off once again during this season’s UEFA Champions League finals should their respective teams beat their opponents in the quarter final and semi final.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo has since bagged 19 league goals in the Series A this season and steered Juventus to the Champions League quarter finals after scoring a sensational hat-trick against Atletico Madrid.