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4 charging mistakes you should not ignore

Many phone users tend to complain that their device’s batteries discharge quickly. Here are some 4 mistakes that users typically make when charging their phones.

1. Low Battery

Avoid waiting for your battery to reach a critically low level before charging. The effect of this on your phone battery is not immediate, but over time it begins to manifest and it eventually stresses out your phone battery and shortens the battery life.

2. Keeping your phone case on while charging

Your phone typically emits heat when charging. To avoid exposing your device to ambient temperatures, it’s advisable to remove the phone case while charging your phone so that the heat emitted from your phone while charging can escape. This way you can prevent your device from becoming hotter and potentially overheating when charging. Charging your battery at uncomfortable temperatures can permanently damage battery capacity.

3. Charging wrongly

You should mind where you charge your phone because not doing so can negatively affect your battery capacity. Phones have a temperature range they can function normally and charging your phone in a hot area can raise the temperature and stress the battery out. Also, charging your phone in especially low-temperature areas, like in front of an air conditioner, can also cause problems for your battery that will eventually affect its optimum performance.

4. Charging your phone overnight

The least you’ll sleep throughout the night is most likely going to be between 5 to 8 hours, your smartphone battery typically only needs 2 to 3 hours to fully charge. Charging your phone overnight, constantly stresses your phone battery each night. Sooner than later, your phone is likely to have battery problems. In addition, the temperature rises when the battery is overcharged, so apart from shortening battery life, it can also threaten user’s safety in the event it quickly heats up and explodes. It’s better to charge your phone before you sleep and switch it off while sleeping to preserve the battery till the next day.

See The List of Smartphones That Will Stop Having Access To Whatsapp

Here Is The Full List Of Smartphones That Will Cease To Have Whatsapp

Whatsapp who has decided to stop support for millions of old smartphones, phones with older iOS and Android versions.

According to the Facebook-owned company in a notice on its system requirements page, “Because we no longer actively develop for these operating systems, some features might stop functioning at any time.”


As such, you should be prepared to lose Whatsapp if your smartphone is running on any of these, so these are the list according to Stuff.com:

1. Android versions 2.3.7 and older iOS 8 and older

All smartphones with Android version of 2.3.7 and older iOS 8 will no longer be able to access Whatsapp.

2. All Windows OS phones

All Windows OS phones from 31 December, 2019

Windows OS phones will stop having access from January 1 2020, followed by older Android and iOS phones after February 1 2020. The FAQ also emphasised that these older version of Android and iOS operating systems “can no longer create new accounts, nor re-verify existing accounts after February 1, 2020.” This basically ends all possibility of using Whatsapp on said devices.
Specifically, these are the most prominent smartphones that will be affected:


3. iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 can only be upgraded until iOS 7.1.2 and is not able to update to the iOS 8.

4. Google Nexus One

The Nexus One currently runs the Google Android 2.3. 6, Gingerbread, operating system and cannot be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich.


While the Samsung Galaxy S is stuck at Android Gingerbread, there is a chance to save the Galaxy Nexus S if you so want to. You will need to follow these instructions to upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich in order to keep using Whatsapp.


Finally, it goes without saying that all smartphones utilising the Windows OS will be affected.
If you’re using any of these older smartphones and are dependent on Whatsapp, I would suggest now is the time for a smartphone upgrade. There are plenty currently on sale for you to consider too.